greenBag is the first aTon’s solution. It is dedicated to the collection of UCO (Used Cooking Oils), both from households and restaurants. greenBag is a distributed system able to recognize WHO provide the UCO, HOW much UCO he provided, WHAT is the UCO quality and assign to him benefit starting form the policy “I pay as I trash”.
greenBag solutions are composed by 3 main modules:

• greenBag Bin – It is the UCO collector able to recognise the quality and estimate the quantoty of the UCO provided.

• greenBag C2R – It is the control centre of the greenBag suit, here all the information are collected and elaborated and all the alert coming from the different greenBag App will be analysed. Here the authority in charge of waste collection and treatment can manage the logistic and the costs aspect of the waste management process.

• greenBag App – It is the user front end, it can support users to properly provide the waste, by means of a detailed dictionary, informing about the location of the bins and providing the opportunity to send alert to the dedicated authority, e.g. concerning the urban décor, the status of a bin, etc.