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aTon vince l’avviso pubblico “KETs – Tecnologie abilitanti” con il progetto MrBin

July 30, 2018/0 Comments

Il Progetto MrBin è una piattaforma decentralizzata per la gestione dei rifiuti solidi urbani, che vuole ridurre i costi e ottimizzare i risultati della odierna raccolta differenziata agendo alla sorgente, cioè partendo direttamente dalle case dei cittadini. La piattaforma MrBin è costituita da: • Mini compattatori domestici (installati nelle case delle famiglie), in grado di […]


May 24, 2016/0 Comments

On the 23 of May Paolo Sperandio, aTon’s CEO, is on RAI RADIO 1 during the transmission ETA BETA speaking about greenBag solution. For the podcast click here. At minute 11:50 the greenBag speech.

Forum PA Challenge 2016

May 23, 2016/0 Comments

aTon won the ForumPA Challenge. 500 projects have been submitted at the ForumPA Challenge 2016 Commission. The aim of the challenge was to identify the innovative solutions that can innovate Italian Public Administrations. Only 12 projects have been selected by the Commission and aTon’s greenBag is among them in the category “Services for the local […]


May 02, 2016/0 Comments

aTon won the INNOVATION LAB. Presenting its core solution greenBag, and its evolution greenBag2.0, aTon won a mentorship and tutoring path to speed up its market uptake.

aTon won the Call for Ideas

April 27, 2016/0 Comments

aTon is among the Start Ups winning the Call for Ideas lunched by University of Rome Tor Vergata. aTon presented its greenBag in the Call and now it has the opportunity to present it in front of the 2024 Olympic Games Commission.


February 25, 2016/0 Comments

Paolo Sperandio, Alexandro Catini and Pierpaolo Loreti discuss with DayLa Villani, from IL POSITIVISMO, about greenBag and how it can improve waste management in urban environments.


February 02, 2016/0 Comments

On the 2 of February 2016 aTon received from the European Commission the Seal of Excellence for the REDUCO project. REDUCO is a specialisation of greenBag solution presented under the SME Instrument Ph1 Call. The project received the interest of the Commission granting it with a seal reprensenting the effort spent so far in its […]

greenBag at RAI ECONOMIA

October 20, 2015/0 Comments

On 20 of October 2015 RAI ECONOMIA introduce greenBag. Thanks to the Call4Innovators and thanks to the presence at EXPO2015 aTon, with its greenBag, is one of the 15 most succesful Start Up inside Lazio Region.

aTon at Maker Faire in Rome

October 17, 2015/0 Comments

aTon has been selected with its greenBag and greenBag2.0 at the Maker Faire in Rome on the 17 of October 2015. The greenBag and greenBag2.0 have been hosted inside the stand of Lazio Innova rising the interest of Maker Faire promoters but also of common people interisting in recycling but also interested in saving money […]

On the 18 of September greenBag will be at EXPO 2015

September 15, 2015/0 Comments

greenBag has been selected, by Italia Camp, among the Call4Innovators ideas to represent the Lazio Region at EXPO2015 in the Waste Management sector. On the 18 of September greenBag, and its evolution greenBag2.0, will be introduced at EXPO2015 inside #VivaioIdee, an ItaliaCamp’s initiative focused on highlight the Italian excellences about the issues debated at EXPO2015.

aTon presents greenBag and greenBag2.0 at Ara Pacis in Rome

September 15, 2015/0 Comments

On the 9 of September Paolo Sperandio introduced greenBag and its evolution, greenBag2.0, at Ara pacis in Rome. Thanks to the Call4Innovators the novel solution for the collection of Used Cooking Oils, produced by households, has been presented to waste managers, public adminiistrations, journalists and common citizens. The idea to help people during their provision […]

aTon presents SUBWIND

April 09, 2015/0 Comments

At EDISONPULSE Call aTon presents SUBWIND. The description of the project (only in Italian) is available on the following link:

aTon wins the Call4Innovators

April 06, 2015/0 Comments

aTon, thanks to Lazio Innova, will represent the Lazio Region in the area of waste management with its main innovation: greenBag. aTon wins the Call4Innovators and images and videos of greenBag will be available in the “Padiglione della Regione Lazio” in Palazzo Italia during EXPO 2015 in Milan.


March 17, 2015/0 Comments

aTon has been selected by EDISON to describe its experience like a Start Up in the Lazio Region. In the same day aTon presented its novel idea SUBWIND a novel solution to collect energy exploiting the movement of the trains in the gallery of subways.

aTon has been invited in Roma Venture Forum

December 01, 2014/0 Comments

On 10th of December 2014 aTon has been invited to the 1st edition of Roma Venture Forum in Rome, where it will have its own space where it will show the greenBag suite prototype, the iOil sensors and the Smart Lock. The events will be hosted in Rome – Terme di Diocleziano, Viale Enrico De […]

aTon wins the Prestiti Partecipativi programme

October 30, 2014/0 Comments

On October 2014 aTon wins the Prestiti Partecipativi initiative. It is a call dedicated to the Italian Start Up that wants to speed up its business by means of a loan. aTon is inside the first ten Start Up presenting a proposal to this programme by means of its innovative solution to collect households UCO […]

aTon is the main consultant in a TELECOM research project based on the development of a smart grid energy distribution network

October 24, 2014/0 Comments

On October 2014 aTon is the main technical consultant inside a project coordinated by TELECOM ITALIA. The project is a research initiative fundend by Regione Lazio under the programme Insieme per Vincere – Progetti VAL. The name of the project is “ERRE – Energy Routing and service optimisation in a real smart city enviRonmEnt” and […]